Desically Ethnic, lives and breathes with the basic idea in mind - Everything Desi and Everything Ethnic!

Time has spun a weave and woven a tradition so taut, that we are constantly blessed with exquisite crafts and workmanship that has only grown to get better and better. We at Desically Ethnic try to capture that essence everyday.

Every corner of our country has hidden gems in the form of art and artisans. We strive to find them, work with them and bring to you beautiful products that are a delightful blend of tradition, modernity and style.

In this world of fast fashion and ‘use and throw’ products, we try to bring to you fabrics, materials and  metals that would last a lifetime. We try to bring you art forms and workmanship that has and will continue to last lifetimes. Our Sarees are from some of the best weaves in India and our Silver Jewellery is classy, exquisite and can be passed down generations. We understand that every piece of clothing and jewellery chosen by you will reflect your personality and so we strive to provide products that are worthy of treasuring.

Each Desically Ethnic product is the result of a talented craftsman doing what he/she does best.

Desically Ethnic as a whole is the result of research, hardwork and love from our team.