Project Upcycle!

We are turning two this month and we have something really special lined up for our you! Our creative energies and the strong core values of our brand have been combined to bring to you – The Desically Ethnic Upcycled Collection.


We started Desically Ethnic with a view of bringing to you the best of Indian Crafts. In that journey we started producing readymade garments with Indian Handloom fabrics. The downside of this however is that we end up with a lot of extra bits and pieces of these high quality materials. To waste these would be a sin because these are the result of hours of labour by world class artisans.

Hence we came up with a plan 3 months ago, to minimize wastage and make beautiful upcycled products for you. We have cloth necklaces, earrings, table mats, coasters, spectacle cases, bandanas to name a few. Our creative team will continue striving to bring you more innovative and elegant products in the coming days.


Just like the hardwork that went into making these materials, an immense amount of time and effort has gone into visualizing and fulfilling this collection. But as we said earlier, recycling is of utmost importance to us as a company. We are slowly and steadily trying to move towards an eco-friendly future and so we present to you our #Upcycled line from the house of Desically Ethnic!

March 17, 2017 by Mallika E
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